Listing your tiny house on Landshare is simple and will only take a few minutes. First, login to your account (if you don’t have an account you will need to create one). Second, click on “Publish New” in the top right corner of your screen, a new page will open that will lead you through the process of listing your tiny house. We recommend that you have taken photos of the house (or just use mockups if you are still in construction) you will be listing, and have thought about the description you would like to write about your house and yourselves as the owners. Our research has shown the more detail you give about the house and you as the owner, the more likely you will be to find the perfect fit for you and your humble abode.

Once you have finished you will get a confirmation email informing you that your tiny house listing is now live and providing you a link for you to check in on your listing at any time. 

If you own land or a tiny house. Publish your new listing here now!