Castlepoint Beach Bush Block for the summer?

Posted by Janine on 31-01-21
Castlepoint Beach Bush Block for the summer?

We have a bush block a few minutes drive from Castlepoint Beach and would like to explore the idea of hosting a tiny home owner/family there. It's a large block (43 hectares) with plenty of space and tracks for walking. It's steep and hilly, with some suitable flat spots. 

We're currently completing a permaculture plan for the place that includes a food forest and a pottery. We also have glow worms! 

Our preference is to start low with a short-term lease (approx $70/week) plus if you choose to, some help around the land. We'd like to try this idea out and if it goes well, incorporate it as part of our bigger picture plan as kaitiaki of our land. 

We can offer a few different spots to park up on the land depending on your preferences, and probably water and compost toilet if needed. 

Please reach out and say hi if you're interested in finding out more. 

Families welcome as we have two tamariki ourselves who love to host other kids on the land and build huts. 

5442 Masterton Castlepoint Road

Lease Length 6 Months

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