Grow your own food and enjoy the seasons

Posted by Inez Schmidt on 18-05-19
Grow your own food and enjoy the seasons

We are a lifelearner/unschooling family of 4 (6, 9, 40+years) plus grandma. We are on 7 acres, the bus paddock is seperated to our house by a big hedge and to grandma's cottage by the orchard: apples, pears, plums, quince, berries, grapes and several raised veggy gardens, plenty of space for more! 
Herbs are growing in different spots: teas, culinary and the medicinal collection is growing as well.
Power and (filtered tank) water are there, current board walks but proper walkways will be the next project. 
Other things on the top of the project list are nut and firewood trees, the greenhouse  and keep extending the playground.
2.5km rural road to local school, dairy and safe river swimming, 12min to Massey, 20min to Palmy centre.
We are interested in work for rent and to support each other. This can be shared childcare, gardening, exchange skills and we are keen to support others achieving their lifestyle dream but keeping them off the mortgage. We currently have beef (bobby to BBQ), chicken for eggs and meat, ducks (but not much longer, they are very noisy...) and dairy goats (hopefully milking by end 2019). We are chemical free, are aiming for permaculture principles in our gardening and life and are part of local food coop and harvesting group. Bring your own ideas or add to ours :-)

The bus paddock, shared with goats and bobby calves, good fence, is looking for a new home to be parked.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please consider the lifestyle we are describing before getting in contact, we are home during the day and kids are around. We'd love to hear from you if you have made your plans and have a THOW/bus or are very close (and have done the planning) to build one very soon.

Lease Length 3 Years+
Power Connection
Water Connection

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