Remote Natural Environment

Remote Natural Environment
Posted by angela on 24-05-18
Remote Natural Environment

We have some land  (2 lots about 2 acres each). We have a substantial garden with established fruit, nut and berries. We have some knowledge of what to build with, in the local environment......But ......have no one to share it all with. I'm now for the last year living alone, remote in the bush on an island in the middle of the strait between the north and the south, DUrville Island. I am a young 45-year-old woman, strong and amazing, deeply philosophical and love nature. I'm not here because I wanted to get away from the world but following the path of least resistance. I want to share these pieces of land with some people/families with similar interest and with those who can offer something to this place which was bought while in a love relationship and since, the relationship has transformed into one of great friendship, though the other owner is not living here and I'm uncertain as to when/if she will return. We have both worked very hard and the option to sell is not preferred.  An idea for this place was to create a space for small workshops (holistic, earth building, for kids, etc.) and so far two such workshops have been incredibly successful. Another recent idea has been presented to create a gallery and have artwork from the surrounding area displayed. I have to sincerely add that it is not easy to live here if you are a dreamer, everything I am doing is carried out by hand, without big machines, currently, there is no wharf (boat access) and all supplies are carried up to the living site. Are you interested? do you know of others who may be interested? are you physically capable or have a willingness to give it a good go? do you care about nature and our environment? do you care about yourself and nurture a healthy lifestyle?

Whareatea Bay, D'Urville Island

Lease Length 3 Years+

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