Wanted land for lifestyle

Wanted land for lifestyle
Posted by Ariana Peters on 18-03-19
Wanted land for lifestyle

Im a 29 year old looking for some land that i can use to start up a lifestyle farm. 
I am keen to work on land that requires someone to manage stock/animals or any nature or a horticulture farm in return for somewhere to call home.
I have 2 dogs and a horse so would really love for them to be able to be apart of it. I would love to start my own calf stock where i can raise calves to weaner age and long term beef stock. I have a keen interest in horticulture.
Really wanting to live as self sustainable as possible and not afraid of hard work.
If you have any further questions feel free to give me a call.


Lease Length 3 Years+
Power Connection
Water Connection

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