11m house truck looking for land to park :)

Hawkes Bay
Posted by Anna on 10-12-20
11m house truck looking for land to park :)

Hi there :) my name is Anna and my partner, 2 children, cat and I are looking for a piece of lush land to park our 11 meter long house truck. We are ideally looking for somewhere with a shed or workshop Included that we can use as a creative space for some of my partners projects.. we are open to anywhere in the country but preferably the north island at this stage. Also somewhere close to a town so I can take my kids to some sort of play group or kindergarten. I work from home, I have my own jewellery making business I sell mostly online (@mudbody on Instagram) and my partner is an electrician by trade, also has a lot of experience as a builder and a mechanic, so basically a jack of all trades (his last paid position was a maintenance manager of the social club restaurants throughout BOP) but he is currently tapping out of the rat race for a while and is mainly a stay at home dad atm. But also this is the reason we are looking for a workshop.. so he can build and restore and create. We can pay up to $100 per week but would also love the option of being able to trade services for rent. We currently also need to plug into power somewhere as our solar is being weird :) 
We would looove to be a part of some sort of community situation too.. just not quite sure where to look for something like that.
Thanks a lot, if you feel like you may have somewhere that might suit us please send me a message at 02108891494

Lease Length 6 Months
Power Connection

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