3 adults and their Caravans

Posted by Veda Casley on 24-05-20
3 adults and their Caravans

Hi there,

A bit about us - We are three professional full time employed adults living in our 20ft and 25ft modern and self contained caravans.
We are all from Nelson and have been working in Auckland whilst living in our caravans for the past couple of years.
We work long hours and shift work so rarely spend a lot of time in our caravans. We are often traveling home to Nelson or out doing activities.

What we are looking for - We are now looking for somewhere more permeant to park our caravans but somewhere that we can easily tow them away as we do like to travel when we can.
Ideally, where we park would be within 20-30mins from the Auckland airport.
We have 3x cars that do not have to be parked with the caravans but close would be ideal.
We do not require access to power nor water but would like somewhere to fill up our on-board water tanks relatively often. 

We are from farming, equestrian and engineering backgrounds so we are prepared to be useful if needed!
The way we have things set up means we are super flexible and can make almost anything work for us, so please feel free to offer options if you think you may have something suitable for us. 
*We aren't expecting free lease but anything is considered, hence the $1 price.

49 Carousel Crescent East Tamaki 2016

Lease Length 1 Year
Water Connection

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