3 adults looking for land to lease - long term

Posted by Ashley on 30-08-19
3 adults looking for land to lease - long term

My wife Janet, and I, and Anne, our work collegue, (pictured in the photo) work together in our video production and online business.
The three of us are looking for land to lease long term, in a tranquil setting.
Ideally, we envisage living in an area - up to two hours either side of Auckland, close to Anne's family, where we can settle and continue to use our creative skills.
Our expertise is in recording and editing video, sound and graphics for our business.
We also have experience in the building industry, and wish to build a portable house on site that we can live in, so power, water and sewerage connections, would be a big advantage.
The objective is to find a place to build our business and accommodation simultaneously. We are not drinkers or smokers, and don't have animals.
Healthy living, gardening and mixing with other positive people, while enjoying life, is important to us.
We would be happy to come and meet you.
References available if required.

Ashley, Janet & Anne


Lease Length 3 Years+
Power Connection
Water Connection
Sewage Connection

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