Couple looking for land

Posted by Thomas Fernandez on 05-09-20
Couple looking for land

My wife and I have built our grid-free tiny house on wheels for the past year and we've moved in a couple months ago. Our dream is to find a piece of land where we can not only settle but also were I could start a small scale market garden to produce fresh organic vegetables for the local community. 

We're both in our early thirties, passionate about reducing our footprint on the planet, and feeding the community with locally grown food.

We are looking for around one acre of land. We don't need to be connected to electricity but would like a supply of water for the garden (city supply, stream, pond, rainwater...). For now, we are looking West Auckland as my wife works in Takapuna and commutes there 3 days a week. However, we're open to other locations as well.

We can provide some help maintaining the property, fresh veggies straight from the garden, and some rent.


Lease Length 3 Years+
Water Connection

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