Couple seeking land in Auckland

Posted by Mariano Otamendi on 19-09-18
Couple seeking land in Auckland

Hi there,

My partner, my cat and I are searching for a nice plot of land to park a tiny house this upcoming summer. We are still in the process of finding a tiny house. We wanted to secure a piece of land before buying it to make sure we had a place to park it.

We are a quiet couple that don't party, or smoke. We just want to be somewhere relaxing and secure. 

Ideally, we would like to remain within a 30 minute radius from Auckland central. 

We also enjoy gardening, so it would be lovely to have a small space to have a vege patch (although not essential).

Long-term arrangements is preferable (at least 2 years). 

If you think you might have the right piece of land for us and would like to start a conversation about, it please get in touch. Thanks! 


Lease Length 2 Years
Power Connection
Water Connection

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