Do you want to co-buy land in Raglan?

Posted by Hannah on 17-06-20
Do you want to co-buy land in Raglan?

Hi there!

We are Hannah (29, NZ) and Will (36, Belgium).

We are wanting to move to Raglan and would like to buy some land. We have a limited budget so hoping to team up with some others that want to do the same.

Our dream property would be a little bit out of town (10mins), and with at least 1Ha for each owner. We are living in our van now, but would like to build some kind of dwelling - tiny house or earthship.

We are interested in going halves in the purchase with another person/couple with some kind of exit strategy for both parties drawn up, or we could also set up a community land trust if more people were interested.

If you are interested in either of these options please get in touch! 

OR, if you have any suitable land that you would like sell privately, we would also LOVE to hear from you!! :)

Lease Length 3 Years+

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