Duck Rescue seeks Rural Land to lease/ share long term

Duck Rescue seeks Rural Land to lease/ share long term
Posted by Kim on 23-10-19
Duck Rescue seeks Rural Land to lease/ share long term

Hi there

I am looking for a couple of acres or thereabouts of bare land to rent on a long term basis for myself (female, 40’s) and my ducks/rescued ducks. Or alternatively space for myself, and share land among your livestock and mine on a rotational basis (google multiple species livestock rotational grazing advantages).

I have a small vintage motor home, but would love to build a tiny home one day.

Access to water is essential, but that might be from a stream or race, as I can buy my drinking water if necessary, but I need water from a stream, racer or wherever for the ducks (I have a pump )

Access to mains power is negotiable as I have a generator and a basic solar power system.

 Mobile signal or if no mobile coverage, ability to share someone’s wifi internet is essential. Doesn’t have to be a great signal, as long as there is at least one bar of spark/skinny coverage.

Might suit anyone who is into gardening, or aquaponics (google ’duckponics’) or anyone who would like to help support duck rescue but doesn’t have the time to rescue ducks personally.   

Location negotiable, Preference is north canty but willing to consider anywhere in can’t and possibly Westland.

Also keen to hear from anyone out there who might be interested in group purchasing of really cheap rural land (probably on the west coast).

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have about me or thoughts on how me and my ducks might work in with your goals for your land space.

Lease Length 3 Years+
Water Connection

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