Earthship home

Bay of Plenty
Posted by Frances woods on 02-07-19
Earthship home

Kia ora whanau a little long sorry and This may be a long shot but it is well worth a go and I am hoping by reaching out I make the right connection to make a dream become a reality ? so here I go. And again sorry ?
 I am looking for 1-2 hecter of land that I can build on a minimum eco friendly budget. it does not need to be powered or have water connection all it needs is to be in a flat ish remote sunny location with vehicle access and someone willing to either free lease for 100+ years that is willing to allow me to build a fully recyclable eco friendly self-sustainable ? or swap equal shares in land that i unfortunately can not build on but is still of value if anyone can help me work on building this dream living and has the land area that matches please please please my I be considered for this ✌️and ❤️to all and thank you for taking the time to read   

Dingadee street welcome Bay Tauranga

Lease Length 3 Years+

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