Hermit crab looking for land

Hermit crab looking for land
Posted by Lena on 23-10-19
Hermit crab looking for land

Hi, my name is Lena, I am 32 and originally from Switzerland/Italy. I mostly keep to myself, love to read, hike and go camping. I am in NZ for over 1.5 years and can call it home, guaranteed for another couple of years. I am a fulfilling a teacher and admin role in the CBD and am looking for a permanent city escape 12+ months for myself.

I am looking for a safe, quiet and secluded spot in/around the Waitakere Ranges and about 1 hour away, by car, from the CBD.

My plan is to find some land to rent and then buy a 4 berth (probably) caravan.

I would need access to or desire to have:

- Water

- Electricity (although I am planning to set up solar panels asap)

- No grey water access, as I am thinking of getting a composting toilet

- If available or possible WIFI would be fantastic

- Preferable price per week $100 but negotiable

- Possibility to plant some veggies and herbs (can also grow then in pots)

- Preferably on a family’s or couple’s land

If you have a calm, safe and secluded spot AND would like to earn some money from it:

I would love to hear from you!

I am available under:

[email protected]


Lease Length 2 Years
Power Connection
Water Connection

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