House bus looking for parking

Posted by Sebastien Mathieu on 25-02-21
House bus looking for parking


We are going overseas for 5 months and we are looking to move our house bus to a new place while we are away.
Where we are right now is too expensive for us, and the rent keeps going up.

When we get back (September) we could move the bus again if need be, or just continue to rent for a few months. Our goal is to buy a property with land around new year 2022.

We are looking Canterbury wide, are fully equipped solar, have a composting toilet. We only need access to freshwater, that is only during our time living there, not while we'll be away.

Sebastien is a web developer working remotely (contracting) and Marine is part time student all while looking after our 1 y.o baby girl.

We are also happy to trade hours of work in a farm in exchange for a place to park, as we love working outdoors and with our hands.


Lease Length 6 Months
Water Connection

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