Bay of Plenty
Posted by Liz Waikato on 25-11-20

Hello. I'm a 51 yr old single lady. Looking to park my transit van and put up a 2 roomed tent to live in for 2+ yr please. Happy to work in garden,do house and pet sitting, housecleaning for lower rent/ lease from $80-100 a week depending on how we can help each other. I work but would like to cut down on hours and enjoy the outside more, do a little travel, have friends and family over from time to time. Would love to be able to have a fire area to cook on. Water and power if available, but I'm looking at a solar generator to try and be off the grid. Please contact me ? liz on 02108090000...look for a spot in Whakatane area..

54a Lordcobham Avenue

Lease Length 3 Years+
Water Connection

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