Looking for a spot in Christchurch for a caravan

Posted by Sean on 17-03-20
Looking for a spot in Christchurch for a caravan

Hello all! 
I am looking for land to park a 2 berth caravan around the Christchurch area. 

Ideally looking for a site that has access to water and power. 

I recently bought a caravan with the idea of listing it on Airbnb. I’m expecting mostly European travellers 35+ passing through Christchurch on their way to other parts of the South Island. I’m not expecting the caravan to have full 7 day occupancy, so will be empty around 50% of the time. It’s self-contained with kitchen and bathroom and will be fully managed & cleaned by myself.
If this still sounds like something you’d be interested in have a think and get back to me. If so, could you let me know if there’s an outside tap / drain available? Also if you have a power socket available for the caravan (It will consume little power, as most appliances are 12W, so power will mostly be for the TV and lights).
I’m happy to meet up with you if you have any questions or message me back.


Lease Length 1 Year
Power Connection
Water Connection

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