Posted by Jacklynn Tauariki on 23-04-20

Hello everyone!

We are fairly new to all of this 'land sharing' and would LOVE the opportunity to be able to occupy some of this beautiful space we have here in New Zealand. My partner and I are trying to step away from our modern civilized lifestyle and head toward a cleaner, greener, way of life...

We are currently working on establishing a small business that promotes the healing of New Zealand natives and organic products by innovating and creating organic cosmetic and medicinal formulations that can be sold to benefit a healthier lifestyle whilst offering opportunities for learning among our local communities, at the same time.

We both grew up in rural areas and have a small extension of knowledge with the land and cultivation but nothing that extends beyond the few plants we can identify with. We are however, open to learning all things new and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and help out when expected to.

We are currently living in a house so arrangements for a living space to either be occupied or delivered to the location will have to be made :) but we're happy to live in our own temporary buildings or even a few tents while something is arranged accordingly with you.

We haven't got a 'clear' direction of exactly what we aim to achieve out of occupying land other than the fact that we feel as if we really want to be out in a natural space cultivating plants and appreciating the beauty we have.

We don't require much and will not bother anyone in any way. We may require a small space to grow herbs, greens, veges and berries etc but we're ok if that's not something you want us to do. We would love to live with someone who has knowledge in cultivation etc so that we are able to help out and gain knowledge at the same time.

One big ask would be for our children to be allowed to come and go from the property as we live alone and would love to occasionally catch up with them when we can :) they are lovely, kind, respectful kids and we promise they wont be a bother at all.

Hmmm... Since i'm new i'm wondering if i've covered everything? If not could you please let me know and I will update as soon as possible :) I can be emailed at [email protected] and look forward to hearing from anybody willing to offer us an amazing opportunity!


Lease Length 2 Years
Power Connection
Water Connection

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