Looking for Land in Hawkes Bay

Looking for Land in Hawkes Bay
Hawkes Bay
Posted by Alexa Pedersen on 13-10-20
Looking for Land in Hawkes Bay

Kia Ora,
My name is Alexa and I'm living in a small 7m house bus that actually drives 🙂 with my 2 year old daughter, Mātea.
I am looking for a place to park my bus/live/stay. We'd love to live with on a piece of land with other families.
My daughter's Father, Benji and I have separated and it is important to both of us that he has a good connection with her so at the moment he has her for a few hours each day.

The bus is self contained with solar power and a kitchen and a fireplace so my wee girl and I would just need access to water, a laundry/bathroom and WiFi.

As I already have a home to live in, have my daughter  and I have a big passion for photography and birth  and I am a Mother so I am looking for an agreement of a fixed price per week, or  a work exchange/part money exchange.

We are fairly quiet and choose to live very simply and eat organically. We are musical and love to sing and dance.

I also am very crafty and make needlefelted Fairies and am away for births and other adventures sometimes
Mātea is very sweet and happy and curious and absolutely loves animals. ❤️

Phew this is turning into a novel! But I want to give a clear idea of who we are and what we are about, to see if a family like ours could suit your place,, if we could work together or be a good match.
I also have the funds to buy shares in a piece of land, and/or my own tiny home- but I am just trying to figure this out at the moment.  
Of course, we would need to meet first and perhaps arrange a trial period to see how it goes.
I am open to a phone call so feel free to call to chat if any of this is of interest to you.

Alexa and Mātea

Hawkes Bay

Lease Length 6 Months
Water Connection
Sewage Connection

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