Looking for land in Wellington

Posted by Shaun McRoberts on 12-08-20
Looking for land in Wellington

We are very nearly finished building our tiny house and are moving to Wellington in December.

Ideally, we are interested in somewhere not too far from the CBD (Lower Hutt, Porirua, etc), but we are open to all possible locations in the Wellington region.

  • We will need power to begin with, although we do plan to get set up with solar in the near future. We are happy to pay to have a meter installed and pay for the power we use by unit.

  • We would like to build a small deck and a simple carport.

  • We intend to harvest rainwater from our roof.

  • We have a composting toilet.

  • We don't have any pets.

If you have a bit of space on the back of your property, farm, or lifestyle block that you would be willing to rent out and earn a bit of extra money each week, we would be very interested in hearing from you!

We are both keen and capable people, so we can help out around your place, too.

Open to negotiation on lease length, rent, etc.

Lease Length 1 Year
Power Connection

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