Looking for land to lease for a tiny house on wheels

Posted by Sonja Adamek on 05-09-19
Looking for land to lease for a tiny house on wheels


My name is Sonja and I am looking for a piece of land to lease for my tiny house on wheels. I will be living in and working from the tiny house - so having good cellphone coverage (i.e. 4G Wireless for Internet access) is essential.

I need to be able to connect to power and water and I have a composting toilet. I will need an area for recycling compost. I would also love a little garden and/or vege patch.

The tiny house is 2.5m x 7.3m (9m including the drawbar). The piece of land needs to be reasonably flat with access to a vehicle with long trailer.

I am quiet and considerate but also like socialising. In my spare time I play table tennis, do waka ama, boot camp and love the outdoors.

My tiny house will arrive from the North Island (where it is currently being build) on 2nd October so I am looking to move on to the land that day.

Please let me know if you know or hear of a place that would be suitable for my tiny house and myself.

You can contact me on 021 176 3741 or [email protected]

I have been renting a tiny house on wheels for the last year and am happy to provide references from the land owners.




Lease Length 1 Year
Power Connection
Water Connection

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