Looking to build near wellington

Posted by Kevin on 06-01-20
Looking to build near wellington

Could be interested in other areas, but mostly looking at areas close to Wellington

Plan is to build a multiple eco-units or a single eco-unit if I can't find other like minded people. While keeping costs low.

  • Base Idea is to use collected rainwater in 2 30,000L tanks, 2nd being mixed with a water recycling system if water gets low/tight, with mains as a backup if it's available.

  • 12v electrical system and generator with cars being an option as a backup gas generator.

  • Low powered computers and lights/appliances only.

  • Compositing toilet system ( models I'm looking at support 3 or 8 toilets ). Used to compost a set of raised flowerbeds.

  • Solar+electrical(optional showers)

  • Then lay foundation for a clip together(collapsible to fit in a car van) resizable room/unit system I've been designing, along with decking.

Afterwards ideas for expansion would be

  • Outdoor movie theater

  • BBQ area

  • Flower gardens

  • Stone garden

  • Small brewery/Bar taps

Wellington, NZ

Lease Length 3 Years+

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