Quaint Tiny House Searching for Paradise

Posted by Fadi on 11-03-20
Quaint Tiny House Searching for Paradise

I am a responsible, caring, community and environmentally-minded man.
I am looking for a spot of land to rent to site a wooden and Canadian shingle cottage built on steel skids (can be dragged around a paddock if required with the help of a tractor).
An ideal place would be in a quiet sunny corner on your farm with some background vegetation, trees, a brook (Oh Heaven! Am I dreaming? ); Having easy access is essential.
Ideally, around ¼ acre of flat land on a long-term lease basis – 2 years renewable at a time; $50 - $100 rent/week depending on the conditions offered.
The cottage - currently under construction - will be self-sufficient with water (collecting rain in barrels) and grey water treatment, etc.
If a power source is available nearby, I can pay for an industrial extension lead to the cottage. A counter power meter is already part of the switch board. Payment will be per KWs used. 
If you think you can help, please email me on [email protected] or Mbl: 021 201 6449.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance - Fadi Antoun
Stats: Length, 8 meters; Width, 3.2 m; Height, 4.5m.

14 Molesworth street, Taita, lower hutt

Lease Length 2 Years
Power Connection

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