Seeking a bit of land

Hawkes Bay
Posted by Winona and Andrew on 18-06-18
Seeking a bit of land

We are two responsible, conscious and creative people and one mature dog living in our 7-metre self-contained housebus looking for a place to park up in Hawke's Bay on a long term basis. Andrew is an arborist (handy to have on most land) and Winona is a spiritual alchemist and bodyworker; we like to have fun, live clean and be with the land. Our 10-year old dog Tahi is quiet, playful and lovely.

Ideally we'd have access to an external toilet and the ability to plug in to power either regularly or at least when the days are short and the sun isn't strong enough to charge our solar panels (or perhaps we'll get a generator if need be to facilitate living outside of power connection entirely). The only real technical requirement is regular access to a clean water supply.

Our presence can bring you passive income while providing security through having a constant presence on your land. Win-win. We are open to discussing all options and seeing what can work for us and for you. Let's talk.

PO Box 8545 Havelock North NZ 4157

Lease Length 1 Year
Water Connection

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