Posted by Stephen Gee on 23-10-18

SEEKING LONG TERM SPOT for Housebus – with access to power, water and internet.

I'm overseas working as an English language High School Teacher in Shenzhen, China at the moment, but due back in the country in late January to resettle for the long haul after a lengthy jaunt through Asia teaching. The bus itself needs and will get, a good lick of paint, but inside is in great shape. Although it won't drive these days, I've managed to find a haulage company who could move it to another accessible site.
Please let me know some details, if you know of a farmer, or other landlord/landlady who'd be interested in having a quiet, professional, hardworking, long term tenant. I'd be more than happy to put work into the bus surroundings by gardening and landscaping etc, which would add value to their property. I'd likely be around much of the time too, as I'd be working from home online as an English as a Second Language Teacher with clients overseas (hence ability to hook up to the internet is VITAL). The point being I could be a de-facto kind of security person too. I've attached photos of the bus and surroundings in days gone by to show the level of commitment I'd have to creating a place of beauty, that would surely add value to a spot. Open to exploring options, including work for ground rental. 
Please PM if this sparks your interest.
Sincerely Stephen Gee.   [email protected]

Apt 601 Here House, Yi Yuan Community, Yi Yuan Rd, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Lease Length 3 Years+
Power Connection
Water Connection

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