Seeking quiet/ private land in Northland

Posted by James on 12-02-20
Seeking quiet/ private land in Northland

Hi there,

Looking for quiet land to lease somewhere around Northland.

I manage a few websites for work, and would like to park up somewhere quiet and hopefully cheap, to live and work.

Anything considered really - but quiet/ peaceful / private is preferred. Scenic is even better.

Am actually the vegetarian type also, although doubt it makes much difference. Prefer not to have cows as neighbours though to be honest.

Currently in a camper van, using solar power and disposing of waste water each week at local camping grounds. Would look to get caravan/ bell tent or cabin if needed also. 

View to long term. Keen on some gardening/ planting.

Single middle age male - no pets. Quiet living type. 


[email protected]
or Ph/Txt 020 4016 0342

Northland, New Zealand

Lease Length 1 Year

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