Seeking Sanctuary North Auckland

Posted by Elijah on 02-06-18
Seeking Sanctuary North Auckland

Hey all :-)

I've been living full-time in my housebus for the last 6 months, currently parked up in Riverhead. My initial intent was to move around, travel and work (I'm a Counsellor and writer and can work from anywhere in NZ), but now I'm wanting to take a year from June  to write and complete my Diploma in DBT before going into private practice next year...

I'm looking for somewhere safe to park for this time period at least, ideally around Kumeu/Riverhead as I love it here :-)

I come with 2 feline dependents: Cola, who is 15 and rules the roost, and Tama who is 4 and is a dog stuck in a cat's body. Both cats come when called, sit on command, and have no interest in birds :-D

I very much need and privacy and to be surrounded by nature

Riverhead Auckland

Lease Length 1 Year

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