Seeking Sanctuary

Posted by Elijah on 14-07-19
Seeking Sanctuary

Hey all :-)

I'm a Counsellor and writer and wanting to take a year
from September to complete my Diploma in DBT and write a book ;-)

I've been living full-time in my fully self-contained American RV for the last 18 months, currently parked up in Riverhead. 

I'm looking for somewhere safe to park for this time period at least, ideally around
Kumeu/Riverhead as I love it here, but also open to as far as
Helensville, North West of Auckland and Puhoi to Mahurangi to the East.

I come with 2 feline
dependents: Cola, who is 17 and rules the roost, and Tama who is 6
and is a dog stuck in a cat's body. Both cats come when called, sit
on command, and have little interest in birds :-D

I very much need
peace and privacy and to be surrounded by nature - a huge bonus would
be near a river or estuary where I can paddle my Canadian canoe :-D

I will require a
gravelled space 10m by 3m for a 7-tonne bus to park on, permission to
bury a 1,000L waste barrel in the ground nearby (to be collected by a
waste truck every 3 months), and access for service vehicles when

I can pay $100 per
week (or $150 if power and water are available onsite) :-)

Many thanks,

Riverhead, Auckland

Lease Length 1 Year

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