Wanted to rent or lease long term 5-20 yrs

Hawkes Bay
Posted by Wendy Lever on 07-05-20
Wanted to rent or lease long term 5-20 yrs

Looking for a small piece of land/paddock/orchard to lease long term, where we can set up our own little area with a vege garden, maybe a couple of chooks, plant some trees etc.  Put up a little storage shed. 1/4 acre or near for our 12m motorhome that we live in permanently. 
Couple in early 60's wanting to be near family.  Fully self contained, but access to water please - whether tapping into a supply with an underground hose or water at the gate which we pay to bring onto property, any options really.  Do not need power but if it's nearby and we can pay to get it connected to a pole on site, then that would be handy.
Please email Wendy [email protected] 
Thank you

Lease Length 3 Years+
Water Connection

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