Creators seeking living / working space!

Description: Seeking bus parking... Hi all, we are Kristie and Aaron, a young couple seeking a spot within Auckland city to park our home, a 9 metre house bus. Ideally this would be an unused patch of gravel in an industrial area, tucked away on someone's large back lawn, within an old industrial workshop, or a vacant lot. Initially we are looking for a place for 6 to 12 months, but may want to stay longer if the fit is right. In return for using your space to live in (and work on) our bus, we are happy to negotiate a weekly sum. Power and water would be ideal, but are not essential as we can be fully self contained. Alternatively, we would love to be able to trade our creative skill sets in construction (carpentry, landscaping), engineering (design, welding, fabrication) and marketing. We are not afraid of hard work, and we love to do things differently! You must be okay with us making some (considerate) power tool noise - our old girl needs some TLC! Please get in touch on 0272382185

Publish Date: 08-08-19