Seeking rural land to lease within 15 minute drive of Silverdale / North Shore

Description: Hi, My tiny house will be ready in November, and am seeking land to locate it by then in the North Shore area. Preferably with a nice outlook. Somewhere handy to Silverdale or Riverhead, Coatesville, Dairy Flat etc. Love the Wainui area! My daughter and I will live in it permanently. She will be going to Rangitoto College next year, and I have a small business in Milford, so the ideal is to be near Silverdale for the Park and Ride. I am seeking a long term lease, preferably for 5-7 years. I can be off grid, once I find a location solar power can be added. I will collect my own water if needed too. I have attached a first draft of my design, it is a high-end tiny house. We live a quiet and simple life, are environmentally aware.

Publish Date: 06-07-20