Tiny House Seeking Parking Spot!

Description: Hello there! We are a couple currently building a tiny house in Whangarei. Our project will be finished by the end of the year, and at that time we will be looking for somewhere special to park up. We are a responsible, friendly, non-smoking couple interested in environmentalism, zero-waste living, gardening, wood-working, yoga, among other things! We lead a quiet, calm lifestyle and are looking for a peaceful spot to call home for a while. Our tiny house measures 7.2m x 2.5m and is on a trailer. At the highest end it is 4m from the ground, and 2.4m at the lower end. We do not have an exact date for when it will be finished, but it will certainly be before Christmas this year. Essential for us: Access to water in case we cannot collect enough rain water Access to power (we have a caravan plug) Privacy A sunny spot No more than 30 mins drive from Whangarei city centre Our ideal rent price would be between $50-$100 per week depending on the location. We would also be open to a "labour-swap" agreement in which some or all of our rent is paid by us completing several hours of work to help maintain your property. We will also of course pay for our own amenities! If you think you may have a potential space for us, please get in touch. :)  Ph: 027 335 3126 (Alice) Email: [email protected]

Publish Date: 03-08-18