Description: Greetings fellow workers of the land! We would like to welcome a couple or family of fellow lovers of the land to our little intentional community of three families on this this magic little farm(28hectares) in the foothills of Motueka, with its backs to the Kahurangi National Park, overlooking Tasman Bay. We are hoping to attract folk who want to live a sustainable and regenerative farming lifestyle, actively living on the land, integrating the existing infrastructure, developing small land based business ideas and bringing your enthusiasm to our endeavours. Some previous experience of this kind of lifestyle would be an asset. We offer a 9 month acclimatisation period on full rental, to take in the place, people and opportunities. After this time if the fit is right, we are open to suggestions of involvement in what exists here already (orchards, walnut grove, timber plantation, market stall, gardens, wood workshop and mill, small livestock, and small goat dairy production), and initiative of what could be created, renegotiation of accommodation circumstances and securing your place amidst us. If this sounds interesting to you, please drop us a line, telling us about your situation, occupation, intentions, availability and lifestyle needs. email us on [email protected]

Publish Date: 28-07-19