Needing a safe place to call home

Description: Hey im courtenay im 27 yrs old Needing a safe place to call home for me and my 2 old furbabies in whangarei or surrounding areas I have a 10 year old male blonde lab bobby and my 6 year old sharpai girl koda (kodabears) both fine around stock and other animals including cats my lab bobby is also kiwizoned by d.o.c plz if u have a small patch of land of to the side u don't have a use for please consider leasing it to me for a tiny home me and my further babies need a place to call home in 10 days we will b homeless after my divorce I was left with nothing but the clothes on my back and my dogs I still have very little 2 years later as iv had nowea to set up home...sick of living out of bags time to settle again into a home tht can last :-)

Publish Date: 30-04-19