Bombay Hills Peaceful Paradise

Description: If you have ever dreamed of living in a peaceful environment, then this could be for you!
  This north facing, sheltered land has been organic for over 32 years. You can lease just enough land for your tiny house or up to 5 acres, whatever suits.  It’s a sacred place in nature, set in a valley surrounded by bush-covered hills. Bird life abounds on the property and includes tuis, rosellas, pheasants and swallows. Moreporks (owls) can be heard at night. The night sky displays an array of stars that meets the horizon, providing breathtaking views on clear nights. If you enjoy feeding the chooks then we can share free range eggs. Land lease is negotiable depending on your needs and whether you have time to contribute working on the property. Spring water is provided.  Our eco-earth brick home is out of sight. Does this resonate with you? We'd like to share this great place with an artist, nature lover, or open minded people who care about nature, planet earth, an organic lifestyle and a tidy environment. You can find out more about me on and are welcome to email [email protected]  

Publish Date: 05-02-21