site for caravan, tinyhouse, holiday orchard

Description: It is a 40 ha land in Wellsford.  Currently many thousands fruit trees of many different species and cultivars and other Ornamental beautiful trees and herbs have been planted. Most fruit species can be found here, some of them are rare in New Zealand. Most area has deep (around 40-60cm) top soil which is good for plants. Sites available for fixed or portable tiny house or caravan, area up to 1 acre whatever you want, $280 pw. Good for a mini organic holiday farm / holiday orchard. You can select a site of a special fruit tree orchard we have planted the trees already and own the fruits, or we can provide fruit trees and other beautiful trees our nursery has for free and other supports if you need, like how to manage an organic orchard, how to build a cabin... The sites got many small pine trees and other bushes which provide good windbreak and privacy, some of them need to be cleared when a clear site needed for dwelling. If both agree, tenants can take part in farm other area management (like cut pine trees, clear weeds around fruit trees in other area...), some or all leasing fee can be refunded. More details please send an email to [email protected] All visitors need owner's permit for visiting.

Publish Date: 13-04-21