Wanting to create my own haven

Description: Greetings It is time to find my haven, a place that is truly my home. Do you have a small piece of section that you can sell to me?  I am a very quiet living, tidy and honest person that appreciates beauty, peace and nature.   I am thinking of purchasing a small new wooden tiny home for $200,000 and would like to find somewhere amazing to plant it. Ideally, I would enjoy living in Matua/Bellevue area as the school I work in is in this area.   It could work as a win-win if it is your elderly parents section and I can support them with the gardening and mowing the lawns, or cooking meals and occasional company, in exchange for reasonable land purchase.  Also open to helping out a busy family with babysitting - children are my specialty.

Publish Date: 01-11-19