Urgent need of landnd for family in a housetruck

Description: Hi my name is Johanna and my children and i have suddenly found ourselves in a pretty urgent situation of needing somewhere to live! Luckily we were quietly working towards our dream of creating a more sustainable lifestyle and have been doing up our own self sufficient housetruck! Due to be ready in October! 😁! With our landlords building consents going through earlier than expected on our rental home.. plans have sped up and we are now in desperate need of a generous land owner to take a chance on our wonderful family and offer us a place to call home while we gather ourselves and adapt to our new and exciting lifestyle. We always pay rent and come with good references. We are more than willing to help care for the land and learn new skills along the way. With the urgency of our situation longterm/short term, all help will be considered.  Rent/lease prices are negotiable. If you think you can help us we forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. Johanna 

Publish Date: 28-08-19