Many Options Near Huntly

Description: You are welcome to join 2 households sharing nearly 3 acres. The location is in waiterimu, north east of huntly. The final space available is the old 10m2 sleep out, completely detached and is also electrified and in wifi range, but uninsulated. Foundations are ready for a 2nd adjacent cabin in future. This is in a more compact space, and is suitable perhaps for an older person, somebody okay with dogs! A rough baseline would likely be $100. The essential requirement for tenants here is that they are able to provide their own bathroom and kitchen facilities by way of a caravan, tiny home, motor home, temporary building etc and manage their wastewater. A 2nd water tank planned will ease access to water and limits any risk of water shortage. No other neighbours are adjacent to or overlook the property.   I live in the main house and a couple with 2 school age kids have converted the barn, they have dogs, goats, lambs, rabbits, and ducks, I am more concerned with permaculture and organic gardens, trees and water features that will make the communal areas a nice environment for residents to share with lots of beneficial plants and food for sustainable living. Its a relaxed environment where we are making consistent progress developing the section.

Publish Date: 25-02-21