Help fulfill my dream in Tauranga

Description: Hi all! I am seeking a lifestyle change to better my future in this frustrating world we live in today. I am 29 years old who suffers from depression and anxiety. My life consists of work and home each week living only to pay for rent. I am a respectful  young man who Just wants a chance in life to better my future and enjoy it while I can. Surrounding myself in Forests , rivers and farm lands brings me joy and happiness in life.  What I am looking for is a nice peace of land in or around Tauranga to place a tinyhouse, cabin or a housebus on a rural setting. From the Kaimais to Pyes Pa or Whakamarama. Anything with farmland, bush, rivers etc would be my ultimate dream. I would love to have the space to construct my own tiny home while living in a temporary cabin and space with a garden etc to live sustainably. I would love to build my life with any opportunity given, to save money and create my future.  I am willing to help work and maintain the land and help out on anything required gaining  life experiences in the outdoors. I am willing to pay between $50 to $150 or help with labour to lower the cost.   I would love to take the opportunity to sit down and discuss any options available given to me.  You may contact me on 0211802957. Many thanks. Regards, Mat

Publish Date: 28-08-20