Looking for rural small land around Taupo!

Description: Hello!  We are a kiwi/English couple looking for a private space we could put a small portable cabin on, we also have a small self contained Toyota Hiace. We are due a new baby addition in July and have struggled finding a rental that suits our lifestyle! We currently live in our van and with baby on the way and winter around the corner finding something a bit more permanent is priority! We would rent the portable cabin from rentacabin in Taupo so it will be a temporary dwelling, we have a chemical toilet but if you would consider us having a compost toilet and compost pile that would be great! Somewhere we can grow vegetables My partner works in Taupo town full time so anywhere within 45min drive of town would be great!  Price we would look at  around $100 a week for just a small private area we could make camp and maybe a vegetable patch! We are very clean and environmentally friendly people, we want to live as self sustainably as possible and this could be the first step! Anyone in Taupo or surrounds let us know! Thank you  peace

Publish Date: 20-02-19