2 Hectare slice of paradise between Ohakune and Raetihi- open to lease, buy or lease to buy options

Description: We have a beautiful spot called Erewhon, of roughly 2 Hectares that has an existing shack, a creek,  a pond, great neighbours and some of the best trout fishing in the world. Available to lease, buy or lease to buy. Between Ohakune and Raetihi in the middle of Kings Country Hi all thanks so much for all your interest I've been a bit overwhelmed with the number of emails so I'm updating the advert to answer the FAQ in one hit. So the section is currently available and untenanted. The pasture area is fenced (the fence is old and would need some TLC if you had stock full time) Access is down Makakahi Road 5 km on gravel road and has a good straight truck/caravan/car access and a broard flat area to turn around, park a TH/ Caravan Etc The shack would be great for temporary accomodation - with a good dusting and comes with a gas cooker and a rough and ready fold down bed and futon mattress There is no power to site but it is available if you wanted to install it. There is a pond in the middle of the section and a creek and river on two borders. There are native and pine trees on the corners of the sections. It is surrounded by farms and Maori land so it's not going to be built out. You can't see the mountain as it surrounded by hills - this creates a micro-climate that eases the cold in winter by a few precious degrees. There is no cell coverage at the site but landline connection and internet is available to be installed Apparently the trout fishing in the river is the best in the country and it's private access land I'm working on a couple of options that would include either outright sale for 120-150K I would be open to leaving money in to facilitate a mortgage. Rent at $150 a week Or Lease to Buy based off something like a $75 p.w. payment then a principle payment and 5% interest with a view to paying off in 5-10 years. The current CV is $53000 The Land Value is $51000 Based off the level of interest I'm thinking that it might be best to set up a tender process for a month to complete on the 15th May.   So if you are interested check it out and submit your offer by email along with your email and phone number. Obviously a sale is a simpler way to do it but I'm not averse to supporting a TH off gridder as well. You are welcome to visit the property at your leisure.  If there is stock on the land it will be my amazing neighbours who graze the area and keep the grass under control so please close the gate behind you Google Maps is totally off base with the location here it is M52X+97 Raetihi, New Zealand - Google describes that as 199 Makakahi Road. I'll hook a little video in a moment to tell you more about it. Cheers Steven

Publish Date: 17-04-21