Old shed/barn wanted for workshop

Description: Hi there,  I'm looking for an unused shed or barn to use as a workshop for practicing traditional wood crafts, basketry etc.  It would be ideal if there is space to grow fibres such as willow, Hazel, flax/harakeke. I'd also like to be able to grow vegetables and propagate trees.  Ideally would like to trade my time in exchange for rent. I'm a qualified tradesman and can also do landscaping, growing and planting trees on your land, grow food, wetland restoration, rotating stock, minding children etc.  I'm self contained in my van and would be around during the week generally, I'm a pretty quiet and friendly guy, mid thirties. I'm not really to fussed about location as long as its not 100km from a shop Cheers,  Steven 

Publish Date: 08-09-19