Matakana land available

Description: It is essential that you have your own kitchen - but actually we are happy to share most other things. We can't fit large tiny homes through the drive way entrance. Its a deal that would be for winter, but could of course be longer if things were all working out well for everyone. The parking spot is in exchange for someone to look after the vege garden, compost, yard and chickens. No formal hours. Expenses not included. Single OK. Couple and kids also super OK. Extra adult would do an hour a day on other tasks.  We share what we have on the farm which is fruit, preserves, vegetables, eggs, firewood and a nice hot tub!  Experienced organic gardeners only please, you'll need to be able to build soil health, make seed raising mix, save seed, grow seedlings and have a succession plan going. There are two houses, four adults and two kids on the property, so you wont be lonely, but you will be working alone. 

Publish Date: 08-04-21