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Listed: Mon, 11 Oct

1000+sqm property available to park your tiny home(s)

Wyndham, Southland

$50 per week

Available Now

Site Foundation

The property has no foundation - some leftover concrete structures of the previous building exist.

Driveway Foundation

The property has no driveway


Roadside parking is definitely possible

Water connection? No

Power connection? No

Off-street Parking? Yes

Pets? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Smokers? Yes

WiFI Connection? No

Private Location? No


We are looking for a tiny home/mobile home owner who needs property to park for a while. The property once had a building on it that has been removed. It is mostly grassland right now. It is located at the corner of a block of residential dwellings. The property is currently not connected to the power/water/phone networks but that could be arranged (we can discuss costs later). The property is fenced towards neighboring properties, but open to two road sides. Occupants would be responsible for lawn mowing and disposal of any waste they produce. Using the property for gardening is welcome. We are intending to build a home there in about 4 years.


Kai Hackemesser

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