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Listed: Thu, 06 Jan


BY WATER, Waikato

Looking For:

Power connection Yes
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking Yes
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly No
Smokers No
WiFI Connection Yes
Private Location No

Listing Details

Hi there, I'm looking for the perfect spot to retire along with my cat Louis and what that is, I don't know until I'm presented with it. So yes very happy to look at all options presented to me. LOVE rocks, ocean, fishing, river, lakes, native bush, streams and nature/wild life. Not sure whether to buy a motorhome and find a base, or buy a tiny home and lease land on my own or in with others. The other options are to go in with others and buy a motor camp or motel that will house all the investors. Anyone interested in that idea? Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks in advance. Lynda


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