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Listed: Tue, 16 May

Seeking dark skies and privacy... North Island wide


Looking For:

Power connection Yes
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking Yes
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly No
Smokers No
WiFI Connection No
Private Location Yes

Listing Details

I am a Semi-Disabled 45 year old Male (Head Injury, multi-system trauma) all hidden internal problems, meaning I am unable to work a normal job and after a relationship break down I am living in a Campervan with my Dog. I can pay each week, currently a max of $150.00/week looking for long term (5+ years to permanent) place to park my campervan (currently a 6m Mercedes Sprinter), trailer (currently a 6x4 box trailer) and I would like to put a 20ft container or 2 on site if possible, one would be storage, second if allowed would be modified into a leatherworking space (otherwise I will make do with one container as a storage/workshop space), it could also be used for rain water collection, Im happy to set that up. I am self-contained, tidy and like to keep to myself but still friendly. Campervan has solar and diesel heater, I have additional solar panels and battery units that I would be investing in to become totally off grid in a longer term expansion for the workspace and additional solar capacity for my campervan. I would need to be able to move vehicle in and out regularly for dump station duties (unless suitable place on site like septic tank etc) as well as coming and going as I need to, even during winter as I dont want to run a second vehicle.... My dog would have a portable enclosure attached to van and be on a long lead whenever she is outside the campervan, this is how we do it at the moment and it seems to work great with no escapes... The seeking dark skies is a nod to my passion for Astrophotography using both normal cameras and lenses and specialised astro cameras and telescopes, ideally the site would be free from any lights or overly bright lighting (I can advise on best lighting to add if you were going to add any lighting onsite) and have good views all round; eventually I would love to be able to turn that passion in to a business but in the mean time I am doing Leatherwork to sell online and at markets (I plan to do product work during winter then hit road for summer markets), so if you have anything close to what Im looking for lets chat...

Keith Rowland

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