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Listed: Wed, 02 Aug

Seeking the Perfect Plot: Land for our Tiny House Dream!

Bay of Plenty

Looking For:

Power connection Yes
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking No
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly Yes
Smokers No
WiFI Connection No
Private Location No

Listing Details

We are Alejandra, Martina, Cesar, and Keira (an indoor cat), and we are happy to introduce ourselves and convey our desire to rent a plot of land for our tiny house. We'd like to share some information about ourselves and our tiny house project with you so that you can get to know us better and see how our tiny house would be a perfect fit for your property. We are now in the Bay of Plenty, but because Cesar works remotely, we have the option of relocating to Waikato or Auckland as well. We are committed to living a more sustainable and ecologically responsible lifestyle. We spent nearly three years researching and building to understand the benefits of living in a tiny house. We are now really excited to begin this journey. We intend to live in our little house permanently and for an extended period of time. With ecologically friendly technologies and sustainable materials, the tiny house has been intended to be efficient. We are devoted to upholding a mindful way of living and honouring the natural surroundings of the property we rent. Currently, the house is not off the grid, therefore we want connections for power and water. We can find out exactly how much electricity we are using in the house thanks to the power metre. We promise to adhere to all conditions set forth for renting your property. We are willing to sign a lease agreement outlining the details of the rental, such as the length of the lease, the amount of the rent, and our maintenance obligations. We are happy to provide references from anyone who can attest to our honesty and responsibility. We can also demonstrate our financial stability by guaranteeing that the land rent is paid on time. We're hoping you'll let us rent a spot on your property for our tiny house. The prospect of constructing a sustainable and thoughtful home in a unique location excites us. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need more information or if you have any questions.

Cesar Montana

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