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Listed: Wed, 13 Sep

Keen Gardeners and Community-Minded Family

Motueka, Tasman

Looking For:

Power connection No
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking No
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly Yes
Smokers No
WiFI Connection No
Private Location No

Listing Details

Hello All, Our small family of three plus our sweet ginger cat are looking to shift to the beautiful Motueka or Golden Bay area and put down roots in a place where, ideally, we can collaborate with others to grow an abundance of food and live simply and environmentally consciously. We are passionate about self-reliance and building our knowledge of the natural world, especially as it pertains to growing fruit, vegetables, other plants and trees, and a wide variety of animals (we currently have a mob of sheep, cows, and poultry we will be saying sad farewells to as we look to shift in the coming months). We love books, gardening, low-tech solutions, and raising animals. Plus, we have years of experience with community, cooperative living, and land-based living. Our aim is to be able to work hard on the land with others to be part of something bigger than ourselves. If you feel a resonance with this quick introduction and especially if you are involved in a cooperative project, have some land to share, or maybe even looking to collaborate to create something similar in the coming years, please reach out and we would be happy to share more of who we are and our vision for living well in an uncertain world. Greg, Claire, Silvanis (8yo), and Artemis (the cat)


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