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Listed: Tue, 31 Oct

Off-grid gardener's dream location!


Looking For:

Power connection No
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking Yes
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly No
Smokers No
WiFI Connection No
Private Location No

Listing Details

I am a mature, single woman and long-term resident of Golden Bay, who lives a healthy & eco-lifestyle. I have a single storey tiny home (9.8 x 3m) & a 5m diameter yurt as my bedroom & yoga space. I am fully off-grid so looking for a small piece of land with NE/N facing aspect. I would prefer a water hook up to an abundant clean, & healthy l water source if possible although I do have a small rain tank too. I am a keen organic gardener and would love to be able to grow as much as I can. I work most days in my home office so good service for internet & cellphone is a must but I provide my own connections. I am a clear & conscious communicator and would value a long-term land agreement that supports me to thrive and in turn give back to the land & our community through my work. I am happy to add value to your property with maintaining & developing gardens either in exchange or in addition to any land lease paid. I would prefer to be on a property with like-minded people with some co-creation but also happy to live completely independently.

Katyayani Heeramaneck

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